Getting Geared Up for 2015!

We have started putting together our 2015 Season!

We are including both the events we expect to do ourselves and the events we anticipate competing in as part of the team of The Bastey Boys.

Be sure to check out our calendar to see the upcoming schedule HERE and I am sure we will have updates and changes, be sure to check back occasionally!

Our first event this season is the Brockton VFW Post 1046 in March ~ we are sure hoping we can find the WSM by then! (Can you say “enough snow already?!”) 

And then we are looking forward to the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.  Last year we made some great friends who were competing as well as met the team at Weber! We had a great time with them and loved learning about the Gourmet BBQ System!  (Hey – that’s a subject for another post – our meeting the Weber team and the great surprise they gave me!!) 


Would you like to be a Taste-Tester?

So, off to start a shopping list for our practice runs….

Would you care to be a TASTE-TESTER when we are practicing?

Let us know! Email us or leave a comment! We’ll add you to our list!!

8 thoughts on “Getting Geared Up for 2015!

  1. Kim & Mic are the best grilling party hosts ever!! They go above n beyond when they host a party, making a meal or just a dish or two bringing to a gathering. The things they create I would never think of putting together but they make it taste so yummy, perfect & your mouth watering for more!! I am incredibly lucky to have them as my family because I get to sample many different yummy things! !
    Good luck this season I can’t wait to sample more delicious creations!!


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