Are they really “Grizzly” enough?

We were fortunate enough to receive a pair of Grizzly Grillers Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves to try out.  We’ve had them for a few weeks and I really wanted to make sure we put them to the test before talking about them.gg2

Mic tried them on as soon as we got the package – for him they were a bit tight but then again, we have donated about 45 pairs of gloves that I have bought him over the years since NONE ever fit.  So, for a pair of gloves to be tight on him is nothing new – but he was able to get them on and use them.  I tried them on and they fit a bit loose and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get used to them.  Of course, we were willing to try….

So, over the past couple of weeks, we have used them for practicing for our BBQ Competitions and this past Saturday we used them at our first of the season competition, the Brockton VFW 1046 Snow Shoe.  It was definitely a SNOW Shoe – it snowed all day – didn’t amount to anything but it snowed – oh, and keep that in mind with some of the pictures…

In our tests of using them, we had me lift the body of the WSM which was at 289 degrees, Mic used them to hold a pan in a “buried” 700 degree grill,  gg5gg6I picked up a lobster from boiling water, Mic used them to turn chicken on a grill without any tools, and so much more…   I’ll be honest, I brought them to the competition but also brought two other kinds of gloves, just in case; we never thought to get the others out of the trailer, we didn’t need them.
The Grizzly Grillers did EVERY job we needed them for with ease. (up to and including – but definitely not recommended – removing hot coals ..)

Throughout the day Mic had multiple people try them on and had them test them by picking up grill grates or putting their hands on hot grills.  Everyone was amazed and for the most part, they fit everyone who tried them on. I have to say, we knew right where those gloves were all day. They were used many, many times.  Got them a bit dirty, I put them in water, grabbed a towel, wiped them down and they were good to go.   

PROS:  They did every job we needed them for over the past few weeks.  They really do work and I made it through two practice weekends and a competition without burning myself! (that’s gotta be a first!) Oh, and they are dishwasher safe – and if you know me, THAT’S HUGE!!

CONS: They do take a bit to get used to, you have to think about how they move the first few times you use them.  Wish they came in different sizes…. And if they do actually get hot, you need to pull them off quick BUT they cool down fast when removed from the heat source, ready for use again in seconds.

All in all, we definitely have a new set of BBQ gloves for all our competitions and we’ll be using them at home, too.  I’m thinking we will need to get at least two more pairs to have them everywhere we could need them so I think you could say that we really do like our Grizzly Grillers Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves!

The question was, “Are they really “Grizzly” enough?”   We’d have to say YES!! We’d recommend getting a pair to anyone who bakes regularly or does lots of grilling and BBQ’ing! To get your Grizzly Grillers Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves so you can “grill like a man” (not too sure I love their slogan but hey, I can get over it!) go to their Facebook page and go to the “Shop Now” tab, selling via Amazon.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention, LIKE them on Facebook – they post some great fun pictures, great recipes and overall is just a fun page to follow!

Here’s the test of the WSM…


Here’s a few from the Brockton VFW 1046 Snow Shoe…. gg7  gg8

And look, one of our friends already said she was purchasing a pair! (hope you don’t mind all the BBQ humor surrounding it! 🙂 )

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