“Ramp” Up for Summer fun ~

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done any posts – sorry about that.  Been so busy – I guess I need to make sure I at least do short ones more frequently.

I have a lot I can do from this past week from our Memphis In May (MIM) World Barbecue Cooking Contest trip though.  May take a few posts to get them all done but at least I have some topics now!

Saturday, May 9th, we packed up all the items to head to MIM and one of which was the RampShot2015-05-20 18.36.38The owners at RampShot sent me a free game back in April to bring to Memphis.  I had been hoping to bring it to a few other contests earlier but we all know the spring in MA has been less than fun.  So, it made its’ debut with us at MIM.

The weather was less than cooperative for most of the week and we finally got the game set up…. Wow…. It sure did stir some excitement and curiosity! There had to have been about 8 teams that had corn hole games out – they ran their course, people played, walked away, played again….. but out comes RampShot…..

2015-05-20 18.38.27It started with our team members playing and figuring it out. They had some fun, they thought it was a bit tough with the balls on the cement roadway but then they figured
out that it just made it more fun…. And it was so funny to see a bunch of grown men running around chasing the balls (and especially after a few “beverages”)!

Once they got going, got the rules down, they were having quite a great time. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard! Both while playing and watching others play RampShot!  People that were walking by stopped, 2015-05-20 18.39.38wanted to know about it and watched the course of the game, had laughs with us.
We played our games, took a break and left the game out… Next I knew, people were searching us down, asking for the directions and taking over the game.  Laughter was all around our site as they all tried their hand at RampShot.

(in the below picture, I don’t know any of these people!) 2015-05-20 18.41.17

It made quite an impression… lots of activity ~ unsolicited, lots of comments of how fun, lots of interested people.

It was a hit!  But, I would have to say the very best comment was, “Hey, will you write down the name of this game? It’s going to be the next big thing! And I want to have one early on!”

So, for a fun game for the whole family, we’d recommend purchasing RampShot.  Besides the fun it will bring to the event, it is much lighter, smaller and easier to transport and pack than cornhole boards.  Biggest thing is getting the rules understood to explain to your teammates but that’s not a hard task.  Plan your fun for the summer! Order your RampShot today!! www.RampShot.com

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