Memphis in May 2015

11065890_10206558834079161_1881656048588035635_n The Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest was just a mere 3 weeks ago…. what an amazing trip again this year.  We attended with The Bastey Boys Barbecue Brigade and had a great time with the team of Andy King (pitmaster), Jimmy Miller and his step-son Jesse, Martin, Cheryl, Mic and myself.  Friends of everyone came by to visit throughout the week and we even had the opportunity to see the Graduation Ceremonies of our nephew , Joshua. 🙂 We also got to spend a night with Mic’s parents and visit with them for a while – although not really long enough. 😦

Our entries in Memphis consisted of all “Anything But” categories – chicken by Jimmy, exotic by Jesse, 20150515_133143_Fotor

seafood by me – an Open-faced Lobster Grilled Cheese,
and beef by Mic – the beef was prime rib with a lobster bearnaise sauce. 20150515_150535_Fotor

Andy entered his Hot Wings and we also did all the Sauce categories…. Tomato based, Vinegar based, and Mustard based…..

11289546_10153251874220758_5603345698055100309_oLast year Mic’s Mustard Sauce won 2nd place out of 68 entries; well, this year…. FIRST PLACE!  There is nothing that compares to walking up on that stage at MIM! It is such a rush! 

And that was all on Friday!  Saturday we entered the Patio Porkers Rib category, we didn’t make it into the top 3 this year, but I was able to share my prepared table arrangements and site decorations with a team who did.  They were so appreciative, it made me feel like we were in there with them!

Memphis in May is an event we look forward to every year and will be counting the days until next year…. and right now, I am starting to save my pennies to FLY… driving was just a bit too much for me.

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