Webster PACC BBQ & Grilling Competition

WOW ~ I am really behind in our bog posts… guess we were just having too much fun at all the competitions this year!

Webster MA – a four category NEBS event of Kielbasa –Seafood –Steak–Chef’s Choice and two people’s choice events. The event was a small one because of so many other contests but we are so happy we went.  One of the best parts of the one day event was that we had our nephew, Josh, up from Tennessee for the weekend and he got the chance to compete with us.  It was a great week having him visiting with us but to share in the fun of the contest made it even better!

The categories were all open garnish which makes it fun but so much more intense.  You want to focus on the main ingredient of the category but you know you need to do something exciting and different with it.  Oh what a grocery list is involved with NEBS categories!! And the packing; I should have just put my house on wheekielbasals!

Kielbasa – well, we traveled to a small hole in the wall in Boston – the Baltic European Deli.  I think we were the only ones in there that couldn’t speak another language… we were lost shopping in there but the service was amazing. We talked with the staff, told them what we were doing and they made their recommendations for which of the at least 30 different kinds of kielbasa we should use! I had no idea there were so many kinds and honestly, I don’t think I can ever eat those pre-packaged ones from the grocery store again! Our entry was a Kielbasa Sandwich!  This was grilled on our Weber!

steakSteak – Mic is from the thought that steak should taste like steak… he likes the taste of the meat; not a bunch of stuff covering it up.  So we went traditional with the steak… just a plain lettuce box with slices and chunks of MEAT!  Mic smoked this on the WSM and grilled it on the Weber.

Seafood – well, we once again did our Lobster Grilled Cheese and made a fewseafood adjustments from previous entries. And of course, yes, you guessed it – we cooked it on our KettlePizza!  Do you see that knife to the left? It’s one of our many Hammer Stahl knives. We’d have to say we really love working with them.  And of course at the top of the picture you can see my Dunkin Donuts coffee – I can’t live without it! and our Grizzly Grillers BBQ Gloves!

Chef’s Choice – we did Dessert! This was our first time with this dessert; and it was open container which means we can do pretty much anything… BUT it was soooo hot outside, the frosting was melting before I could even get it up to the turn-in table.  Thank goodness the inside where the judges were was air conditioned, it saved us.  We baked the cupcakes in the Humphreys! Yes, for all you non-BBQ people, you can bake outside!! I can’t wait until we can order MY new Half Pint – just for baking!! (it’s in the master plan! but shhhh…. don’t tell Mic! )


We also did the two People’s Choice entries of Macaroni & Cheese and Chicken Wings.  Our Macaroni & Cheese was a recipe from my wonderful sister, Mari!

But more than the contest itself, we had great neighbors…. the BBQ family is so much fun.  We had Peg to one side and our friends from Smoke ’em if You’ve Got ’em on the other side.  Then a site over was our friends from T-Bone BBQ! And way off in the distance were friends from Up in Your Grill! It was a small competition but the field was a tough one! And did I mention it was HOT? Oh my god… it was so hot!

Unfortunately we didn’t get as many pictures as when our friends Barbara and Frank come and hang with us, and they are definitely not as good ( I had to crop them all… and they still don’t look that great) but you’ll get the gist!

Oh and we finished pretty well –

Results: 2nd place Kielbasa, 3rd place Steak, 1st place Seafood (our first 180!), 1st place Chef’s Choice – Dessert (our 1st PERFECT 180) for an overall Grand Champion NEBS!

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