Double-Booked Competition Day


Yup, this summer has been so busy that Mic and I managed to double-book ourselves…. August 8th – Krazy Days BBQ Competition and a demo for NEBS at Bass Pro Shops in Foxboro at Patriot Place! When we realized it, I would have to say a bit of panic dropped in on me.

Mic had done so much work to get the demo set-up and organized, I couldn’t make him miss it.
BUT the BBQ competition WAS at Krazy Days… Middleboro… my hometown…. we brought the idea to Middleborough on the Move a few years ago… last year we WON Grand Champion….  10446108_10152209516152411_4823767380251386199_o_Fotor

HOW could we NOT compete there?

It was decided…. I would compete at Krazy Days and he would do the demo.  We would get me all set up on Friday night, he would sleep with the equipment and at 5am I would be at the site so he could go to Bass Pro Shops.  Sounded good… I was still panicking.  I had never done a competition without him. Yeah, cook the meat, put it in the box and turn it in… BUT there is so much more!

Smokers / grills – yup, I know how to check to see if they are at temp; but I have never had to “get” them to temp and be sure it stayed there.

But it’s two categories – Ribs and Chicken Wings… I can do this.… yeah right….

As it happened, Mic was doing the demo with a couple of other NEBS members – Jared & Chris…. Mic and Jared were talking and before I knew it, I was asked if I would like Suzanne – the other half of the team Insane Swine – to come and cook with me. YES – no hesitation, no question! This will be awesome! So after a bunch of Facebook messages, we decided Suzanne would do Ribs and I would do Chicken Wings. WHEW! That makes it easier… Mic can get the smokers started, we can work out our schedules for cooking.. WHAT? Mic has to be at Bass Pro Friday night? Who is going to help me set up? Who is going to start the smokers? Oh boy…..

Well, not to make a long story even longer, it ended up that Mic went and got the ribs for Bass Pro Shops, Jared came to us to drop off Suzanne’s ribs for meat inspection and picked up the pork butts for Bass Pro Shops.  Jared went home, smoked butts and Mic kept all the ribs.  Our friend, Ricky showed up to help us load the trailer and set up on Friday night.  Mic was thrilled with the help he got, competitiors from other teams came over and assisted with the prepping of the ribs to take to the demo.  As I figured 😉 it all worked out just fine! And we had lots of FUN!

Back at home to sleep, all the equipment shured up and another team keeping an eye on it for us – chance to sleep, no, it was more of a nap, in our own bed.  First thing in the morning, Mic and Ricky headed to Foxboro and I was headed to Krazy Days!

The morning started off great, got my coffee and sandwich, got to the site, got things re-organized and then it got even better! My friends Frank & Barbara Terrasi showed up to hang out for the day! And to help!! Then Suzanne showed up, and the day started! Things went well, smoker didn’t get to temp quite a quick as I thought it would, so we broke out the “weed torch”… yeah, that thing hates me. Even had some help from another team.

Had the absolute BEST neighbors!! We had so much fun with Jimmy & Jimmy – sure hope to see them at more competitions next year!

Only real snafu was of the two tanks of gas, both were less than full; I had to run out and get more BUT that gave me time to get something at the store for another team AND get more coffee! It was just fine!! (almost planned 😉 )

I only panicked once – sent messages to Mic… got no response… WHY?? because what I told him sounded fine so he wasn’t concerned!! 🙂 They were really busy at the demo so it was hard for him to get back to me.

So we got our ribs and chicken wings cooked, made great friends, the guys had a great day and did I mention…….

WE WON GRAND CHAMPION – Suzanne placed 1st in Ribs and I placed 2nd in Chicken Wings! 

We couldn’t have done it without Frank and Barbara – their helping hands were right there when we needed them; it made our day so much easier! Thank you both!! And again, Barbara was able to capture some great pictures…. here they are!

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