Boo Boo Qued + Delta Airlines Boston + Kettlepizza = A HOT Day of FUN!

September 9th, 2015! End of Summer Celebration at Delta!

We had a great day smoking some pulled pork for the team at Delta Airlines Boston! Prepared food for about 500 people and served all day starting at 9:30am!  Mic and I were up and moving at the wee-early hours of the morning.  Drove to Boston and I had my first experience on the tarmac of the airport – what an experience!


The day was unbelievably hot!
I thought I was going to die…. but it all worked out great and we had a wonderful time with all the Delta employees.



Kettlepizza donated a Weber Kettle and a Deluxe Kit for the emplo1442110760448yees
of Delta – they were thrilled to hear all about how it works.


All the pulled pork was cooked on our trusted Humphrey’s Smoker and the design was the star of the show!


We had a few minor mishaps but all in all it went well – I almost got knocked out by a falling trailer but….



Here’s some pictures from the day, guess I need to catch up again on my posts!


1441816331143  1441980812535  1442110761112 1442110761176 1442110761259  1442170256588 1442170256685  1442170257030  1442170257557

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