Riverside Blues, Brews & BBQ Festival – End of our Season

Riverside Blues, Brews & BBQ Festival was the end of our competition season. We didn’t compete as Boo Boo 1010151132_HDRQued, we were part of The Bastey Boys.  Our team was lots of fun and competing with Andy makes for less packing for me ~ definitely a plus in my book although it still seemed as though I brought at least 3/4 of the kitchen! (yeah, all that stuff in front of the trailer is ours!)

It was a two day event of NEBS and KCBS, about a week plus a few days before we were discussing who would do what for the competition – it’s cool how Andy does it; we all get to choose a category and then he works with you as you build and put your entry together.  Offers his suggestions along the way and helps you make adjustments.  As it ended up, for NEBS, we decided that Mic and I would do Pizza and Dessert – big surprise, I know; for KCBS, Mic was doing Pork and no one wanted to do Chicken so in a weak moment, I said I would do it. What was I thinking? I’ve never done a category for KCBS myself never mind the fact that I have actually NEVER smoked Chicken Thighs!! Yeah, I had done grilled chicken wings for Krazy Days and have helped with many others doing chicken entries but had never actually done them myself… oh this is going to be interesting…

So, I did manage to get one practice in of chicken thighs before the contest, tried two different methods on that practice and really didn’t notice a difference in the two. Seemed like my thighs were on for hours and hours and wouldn’t you know that during the practice they came out undercooked? Nothing worse than uncooked chicken… damn, how do I time this? Oh this isn’t good… Oh well, competition is in a couple of days – no time to try again. Just gonna have to wing (or should I say thigh?) it!

1010151256_HDRDay One – Pizza and Dessert for us, Andy did his wings and Jonathan did Sausage.  Pizza – we always plan more than one pizza; good thing – the first one – the crust shrunk and it looked like a personal size pizza in a 10″ pizza box. Yes a 10″ box so it was tiny.  Mic quickly got the second one on but we saved that first one – just incase; you never know. But we did end up turning in #2.  Dessert – well I did the Red Velvet Cupcakes again… but where this was open container, I added a few touches. Thank goodness for all the help we had – I would have never gotten the hot chocolate done without Lalaini.  It was a rough dessert day – my frosting piping thingy broke; I didn’t like the plates I started with (thank goodness I brought several different ones to choose from), the site was a bit messy with all the stuff being done – I felt cramped and a bit nervous. But we got it done…

Here’s a few more pictures:

1010151259 1010151300_HDR 1010151256b 1010151256a

Day Two –  Andy on Ribs, Mic on Pork, Mike on Brisket and me…. me on chicken… Oh, did I mention that I was 1011151302working on the chicken on day one for hours and hours that night? Did I mention that it was freezing there at night? Oh and we slept in the car both Friday and Saturday night? Oh and I took a shower at a TRUCK STOP – yeah, me…. a truck stop… I’m surprised I made it to Day Two… (picture is Mic’s Pork)

Well. my goal for my chicken was simple…. COOKED and MAKE turn-in! That was all I had set myself up for with the category.  I wanted to do that and I did that… it was a goal accomplished!

It was a great weekend! Lots of fun and friends and lots of cold weather but it was so worth it.  The group at Riverside does a great job with putting on a fun and well-run event. We definitely had a great time!

Oh wait… I didn’t talk about awards… But first a few pictures… The traditional 9:22am shot included by our friends of Fire Down Below!

1011151615   1011150922 1010151213a1011150816_HDR 1011150816  1010151214 1011150923_HDR1010151213_HDR 1011151704_HDR

My chicken pictures:

1011151155a 1011151155 1011151154a 1011151154_HDR 1011151154

Oh and a dessert picture – not at great one, it was taken as we were walking to turn in – we almost forgot! The clock was ticking!


And finally the awards!

Results: Our entries on Saturday were in Pizza where we placed 3rd and Dessert with a 1st place finish and a score of 180 – which gave us a  KCBS 180 Pin!! On Sunday we submitted the KCBS Chicken and Pork – I did the Chicken; my first ever KCBS entry and placed 4th! I was absolutely thrilled and COMPLETELY shocked!!

1010152133 1011151720 1012151118  riverside riverside2 riverside3 riverside4

Well that’s a wrap for 2015! I’ll do a post soon with our stats for the year!

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