2016 Season Planning

Here it is November 2015 and Mic and I have been talking about our 2016 Season!

I wonder when all the other teams start to plan out the next year? Are we ahead of the game? 11065890_10206558834079161_1881656048588035635_nBehind? or just over-zealous because we have to try to plan this out more than last year?

We’ve decided a few things going into the 2016 Season – 

1 – We are going to focus more on KCBS Contests

2 – If a contest is NEBS (or equilavent) and has a PIZZA category; we will enter – no question

3 – If a contest is a stand-alone NEBS; and there are no conflicts, we will definitely be doing it

4 – We will probably give more weight to contests that are focused on a non-profit or benefit type event; one that promotes “Giving Back”.

What other things do other teams look at as they plan out the season?

What are we missing? What makes a contest a “MUST DO”?

We’d love input!

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