Shopping List

WOW ~ Get this, get that… what else do we need?

So many items to bring to a NEBS competition; so many things to pack…. BBQ Gloves like Grizzly Grillers, the Weber Kettles & WSM, the KettlePizza kit….

don’t forget Mic’s knives; DSC_0689gotta have our Hammer Stahl knives!  (a picture from last year) 

Kinda sad that we don’t need to bring our Humphrey’s smokers on Saturday – soooo ready to reveal the twins but…. next one!

Then all the food – where is that cooler? Oh what we wouldn’t do for a RTIC cooler – they just look like they would be a perfect fit to our team. (add that to the “WISH LIST”) 

Oh and the tent, hrmmm…. gotta find those buckets to hold it down.  

Each season it gets a bit easier but this first competition of the year, with all the things from last year strategically “hidden” all over; where is everything? Tonight’s plan is to take the shopping list and go shopping. (anyone ever use PeaPod for shopping?) Get everything we need so that on Thursday night we can figure out all the items I forgot and then I can go shopping again.

If you are a BBQ team, how do you prepare your list? Does it change with every competition?

If you are a camper, what is your list like? How do you remember everything and all those “just in case” items?

Well, just about time to go shopping… wish me luck! 

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