VFW Snow Shoe Grilling and BBQ Competition

Well, the first competition of the year is on the books and done! We had a great day meeting up with BBQ friends and seeing some new / old teams on the list! So happy to see Michelle, Gary, Sully and Terri back ~ sure missed that BAAAHHHBEQUE !!! BAAAHHHBEQUE !!! BAAAHHHBEQUE !!! from the one and only; others have tried to duplicate, but no one can match ~ Sully! The return made it seem like a “real BBQ” event! Thanks Sully!!

Brian Martin put on a great event, it was no-frills, just grillin’ & cookin’! But it was a crazy windy day, to say the least.  Thanks to John Weihl of John’s Twisted “Q” & Janette who showed up to see the day and gave us a helping hand, picking stuff up, holding stuff down, anchoring the tent down, and so much more ~ not sure we would have made it without them being there.

We had the pleasure of hosting the 9:22 for all the teams, judges and everyone else who was there! 0416160920

0416161246eSo the categories were: Pizza (the ONLY picture we really got), Wrapped in Bacon, Hamburger, & Chef’s Choice.  Our day ended well, we were 3rd place in the first three categories and 1st place in Chef’s Choice where we turned in a dessert entry of Red Velvet Cupcakes.  They actually brought us a 180 score! Amazing ….. considering the hell we endured during that prepping process. At one point, I thought we were going to have to forego turning in… it was crazy! Damn wind!! I had 12 cupcakes to choose from and after the gust that nearly brought us down ~ I had 7 to choose from… And huge thanks to Janette for making our award-winning drink to accompany the cupcakes!

Final tally: we finished with Grand Champion and our fr0416161247aiends Smokin’ Bulldogs finished with Reserve Grand Champions! It was a great day!!

That’s our organizer (and friend!) Brian off to the left!


Finished off the event with a detour to Abington where we had some time with Smokin’ Hoggz BBQ ~ Bill Gillespie; author of two amazing BBQ books (if you don’t have them, you NEED these!), his amazing wife and the glue that holds the team together ~ Shaune, and Cindi & Eric Mitchell who also have two books out for your collection – get these too!

Thank you to our KettlePizza for a great product and all our Weber products.  A one day grilling event didn’t allow us to pack “the twins” but the Humphrey’s BBQ pints will be traveling with us soon! I have to say, I was a bit jealous of the other two teams who did bring theirs ~ JR Big and Little & T-Bone BBQ. See Mic, I told you we needed a Weeble! (I still haven’t given up in having my own personal Weeble!!) 

Off to a NEBS Cooking class and Judging class this weekend ~ it’s going to be a fun one!

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