We traveled to Memphis… in May….

Once again we traveled to Memphis in May for the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest! And again it was amazing….

The Bastey Boys team participated in Patio Porkers Rib Category, the Anything But categories of Exotic, Seafood, Chicken and Beef as well as all three sauces – Mustard, Tomato and Vinegar and Hot Wings.  This year we again made it to the second round in our Rib Category and placed 2nd! (See the transformation pictures of the site below!) AND we placed 1st in Exotic with a Lamb entry! It was a fun-filled week as usual and the walking up on stage was amazing again – not once but twice!

Huge thank you to our Memphis friend, Jimmy Miller for all he does for the team for the week.  You are one amazing guy! We love you! If you ever want to meet the Ambassador of Memphis, MIM and all of the South – find time to meet this guy…

We went down to Memphis with The Bastey Boys; but we had so much fun visiting old friends and meeting new! Spent some time with GoRving, Mens Journal and Clint Cantwell  of Grillocracy while cooking Pizza for KettlePizza!  We had a great time smoking meat and firing up pizza with Clint.  The best pizza of the week had to have been the BBQ pork with Smoked Cole Slaw! You NEED to follow Grillocracy’s blog for great recipes and insider information!

Besides all the fun of competing, we had some time with friends Jamie Purviance from Weber Grills, saw some of our friends from Weber Mobile Grill Academy from two years ago and enjoyed checking out the new Summit Grill! (oh to dream!)

And of course we spent some money at our favorite knife booth – Hammer-Stahl Cutlery  and hanging out with Bobby! Mic has conditioned his new pan and is loving it!

On top of that, we spent some time with Moe Cason and the DTS Team.  DTS’s own “Chew” served us some amazing food – if you are in the Memphis area, find his food truck – do yourself that favor – Grillmaster Chew BBQ! AND we met Robyn, the famous Grill Girl who was cooking pizza on the Kettlepizza!

Our friend George from Kettlepizza ventured down for his first experience at MIM! He had an amazing time and we had a blast handing out information and koozies for KP! Looking forward to BIG PLANS for next year!! 

Oh, did I mention it was Mic’s birthday while we were there? I ordered him a special shirt to wear on his special day… Lots of people wished him well and I got a handful of calls… Gotta love not losing him this year.. 🙂

Can’t say much more than it was a busy fun-filled week – seeing family (see picture below) and friends and doing so much! How many days ’til next year? We’ll see you again soon, Memphis! Thank you for an amazing time!

And pictures!!

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