Granite State BBQ Competition

First KCBS contest of the year… it was a great, quiet contest with so many “new” things for us.  We were able to put some great tips we got from a class we took from Ted Lorson into practice.  Had a great timeline to work with – we’ve tried them before but this one was so much more detailed and organized for us – it worked out pretty well.

We ventured out the first time with the used camper / toy hauler we got; that made for some interesting moments but all in all it worked out pretty well.  Was so excited to have running water, a bathroom and a shower – well; almost… There was a leak in the bathroom – tried to fix it there but no luck.  Thank goodness the Seven Maples Campground offered great facilities and extremely clean, well taken care of.

This contest was put on by our good friends at Q Haven BBQ – Ted, Sheila and Max.  It was a no frills, no public, no entertainment event – probably the best contest we could have done as our first one for the year.  Nothing to distract us from the cook.

We arrived after dark on Friday night, had fun backing the camper up into the spot and trying to remember all the little things to do to “set” it into place.  *Remember to take off all those bars BEFORE backing up… Oh well, we’ll get this at some point!

Got our trailer in, had to unload to be able to go to bed.  Set up the site somewhat at night but waited for the details in the morning.  Saturday morning we realized we hate the beds in the camper – next time – bring the air mattresses too.

Of course we had planned to do all our meat prep *before* we left; yeah – have you met us? Didn’t happen.  Had to work on meat prep after inspection for a good portion of the day.  Brisket, ribs, pork – all went pretty quick… Then came the dreaded chicken prep.  I know some people that can prep those nasty little thighs in minutes – not so much here.  After prepping 16-odd thighs, I have to say, chicken is gross. But we all know that.  While Mic was prepping the other meats, I worked on the parsley boxes.  We discussed trying kale, we actually tried it at home the weekend before – I personally don’t like it.  There doesn’t seem to be much “play” in it when you are making the boxes – I had issues trying to place the entries the way I wanted them with the kale…. boxes with kale took about 4 minutes each to make… figures… oh well, back to parsley….

As Saturday progressed, we broke out the timeline… I tried to organized all the items needed for each step, but found myself doing lots of running into the camper.  We took a good amount of items out of the camper to set up the site like we normally do; but as usual, they were calling for rain; so I left a lot inside.  *reminder – we need that ground step for the camper… get one this weekend!  So prepping and such was inside and outside – sure do like that inside prepping but I realized at the end of the weekend; I didn’t really talk to anyone… guess I was more focused on the camper than people… oops!

Anyways – I guess this is where most blogs would give you a recipe or direction on how to do something… yeah, I can give you some great websites if you are interested in information.  We are still building our plan – so our information probably isn’t something you want right now; maybe someday.

On to Sunday – up early check the brisket, check the pork, get the ribs on… check the time for the chicken.  All seems to be going well.  Our Humphrey’s Smokers were right on target – keeping temp and doing their jobs!

Our friend Jeremy showed up just before turn-ins to hang out for a bit.  He wasn’t competing this weekend – just came for a visit.  He gave us some great advice as we were filling the boxes, lent a helping hand, and did the box turn-in’s for us.  That was great since the rain was on again, off again.  It gave us that extra couple of minutes for each box! Thanks Jeremy!!

ALL boxes turned in!!! All meat cooked and we won’t kill anyone – mission accomplished!

Now clean up… urgh… in the rain… urgh, urgh. Just get it all in the camper – you can clean it and dry it at home! Yup, that was the plan!

90% packed up – and time for awards.  Award time was quick – great concept!

Awards began…. no call for chicken, ribs – 6th place call! Pork…… no cal… wait what? 1st place Pork! OH MY GOD! We were very excited! So excited that we were able to ignore the fact that our name was not being called for Brisket – but we knew that… our fight – BRISKET…

Anyways – we finished the cook with a 14th overall. Not bad for our first of the season with a VERY strong competition field! Congratulations to our friends Smokin’ Hoggz BBQ for their Grand Champion and Pork Butt Paradise for Reserve!

Up next – visit with friends at Mohegan Sun BBQ Fest, a weekend off, a busy travel weekend then the very fun, long trip to the I Love BBQ Festival in Lake Placid NY!

Oh – pictures.. I really didn’t take many so here’s one a friend posted… granite state

Things to buy… step stool for camper, another cooler, rain boots that don’t hurt, and real rain jackets…..



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