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What are the “must have items” at your site for either backyard BBQ or competition BBQ? Of-course besides your smokers…. but if you know us; it’s our Humphrey’s Smokers and our Weber Kettle (with  KP bling!) We found this list on line too at Grilling With Rich…. I like this list…  

Here’s the first one in our list of “must haves”…..

Knives – Good, sharp, comfortable knives.  Ones that your hands seem to just “fit” to.2015-05-14 17.49.52

We happened upon Hammer-Stahl knives at the Memphis in May competition one year.  No – Mic does NOT have this block, although it may be the only thing he doesn’t have…

Mic fell in love with the weight, the grip handle, the customer service, the ease of sharpening, and their overall performance.  Now, we know there are many different options; but he is sold on them.  

20150531_125224  DSC_0689

What knives do you use? Are you loyal to a brand? What do you like about them? 

We’ll talk about the other items throughout the season, I’m going to keep track of which ones we ask for / go to the most often throughout a competition. Should be similar to yours but it’ll be fun to look at the different brands / similar products everyone uses. 

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