Stuff Chat #2

#2 in our “What are the “must have items” at your site for either backyard BBQ or competition BBQ?”

Here’s the second in our list of “must haves”…..

Coolers….. and let me start off by saying; we’ve yet to find the one that we love.  But then again, we haven’t spent the $ on the big brands.

We’ve bought the Igloo, we’ve bought the Coleman Xtreme; we’ve bought many different “store” options.  And we have yet to find one that makes it through a season.

We’re looking at Yeti, RTIC, Grizzly, Engel and more… Then the store brands that are similar like Cabelas.

Not owning any of the “big” name ones yet; it makes the decision process crazy.  Looking at the prices – and I know, you get what you pay for… what if they still don’t measure up to what we are looking for / expecting?

Which ones do YOU recommend? What’s your favorite and why? Your feedback is appreciated! We are leaning towards the RTIC (Facebook link) – and we may have one coming to us in September. We’ll let you know how we like it.

With all the reviews out there of coolers, I think we will continue this season with the “cheap” ones until we have more time to do research… And then of course there are the accessories… baskets, bins, etc. Oh, the decisions! 

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