Middleboro Krazy Days 2016

Always fun! 

We were back for our 3rd year here; new friends, old friends, it was a blast as usual! We decided to host the 9:22 and made breakfast for all the teams.  Last year, it was forgotten and we didn’t let that happen this year… (sorry for last year everyone)

It was a great turnout of teams this year. We had great friends all around us and it was great to see some new teams ~ and congratulate a certain new team on their Grand Champion ~ C.O.S. BBQ!

We were thrilled with our Reserve Grand Champion finish and had a great time with our friends who came to assist and hang out, Barbara & Frank! So, as you may remember, since Barbara was there, it means we have PICTURES!!

Here they are! Have fun! They pretty much speak for themselves!

02650004 02650002 02650001

02650003 02650006 02650009 02650010 02650011 02650012 02650015 02650013 02650016 02650014 02650032

02650023 02650005 

   02650035 02650041 02650038 

02650019 02650037 02650036

02650025 02650046  02650039

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