Stuff Chat #3 – Scores – What do you do? How do you track?

Stuff Chat ~ we have them, some keep them, some throw them away…. it’s “stuff” we get after all of our blood, sweat and tears have been exhausted in a weekend ~ SCORE SHEETS!

I used to consider myself organized, years ago…. but not so much anymore.  One of the many things I 256colsam having trouble with is tracking and organizing our BBQ scores.  I know some people just throw away the score sheets – kind of a “it is what it is” type of mentality.  Others take them and analyze them; do “what if this score was” kind of treatment to them.

Right now, you can find score sheets in the living room, on the desk in the office, in the camper, hell ~ I might even have one in the truck.  I can look at those numbers over and over again. Try to analyze them; try to get into the “judge mode”.  That Chicken – appearance score was 9, 9, 8, 9, 8, 7 – what didn’t judge 6 like? What did he/she see that no one else did? Was there something wrong with one of the wings or all of them? Was the color off? Too much of? Let me look at the score sheet from the last Chicken? What did those judges say about appearance? Is it similar? Did I take pictures of each of the boxes? Can I compare them?  Did I do exactly the same process? (which I highly doubt – we aren’t *there* yet..)

What do you do? Do you use a program like what I just found online like BBQpad ?

Do you use a spreadsheet? (found this image online… wish I could find the whole spreadsheet but it came up as unsafe… )spreadsheet idea

How do you set it up? How do you compare one competition to the next?

THEN I just found this – BBQScores, I think I have been to this site before, but do you pay for the pro-version? Is it helpful?

How CRAZY do you drive yourself with all this? Is it different for a team like us vs. our “Jack-bound” friends?

So, for STUFF ~ what do you have? Do I invest in binders? A program that someone else wrote? A larger trashbarrel? Sit at the computer and make a spreadsheet?

What’s the secret? !! 

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