Fort Worth Texas Brisket Tour 2017

Mic wanted to go to Texas…
Mic wanted to try Brisket…
Mic was going to go by himself….
At the last minute – Kim went too!
The Texas Brisket Tour 2017 (in conjunction with the I AM BBQ NBBQA 2017 Conference)

We managed to take a day and drive around to multiple places to try out Brisket… if you know Mic at all, he actually doesn’t like brisket! So we were on the search to find one he DID like… we stopped at a few locations and believe it or not, the very best one was at a highway truck stop.

Stop 1 – Up in Smoke BBQ – Tasted like sliced steak. Pretty good  


Stop 2 – Slovacek’s Kissing Pig Cafe ~ Read about this stop at the bottom!

Stop 3 – Rudy’s “Country Store” and Bar-B-Q  ~ Flat extremely dry point had too much salt. Throw some potatoes next to it and poof. Pot Roast. Over all tenderness was decent

Stop 4 – what happens in Texas stays in Texas. We will not ever talk about stop 4…

Stop 5 – Bone Daddy’s Austin ~ Very good. Nice mix of pepper, salt and a hint of sweet.

Stop 6 – Buddy’s BBQ ~ Buddy’s slow smoked bbq.  Brisket corn pie  Nice flavor. Tad try.



Stop 7 – Poor Daddy’s Smokehouse ~ Tad dry. Not a fan. The rest of what they served looked good – not what I came for though. So, talked to the owner. He went back and cut a hunk off the point. It was way better.. Then he handed me a rib that was taken from the side of a hogly divinity. This rib was this side of awesome.

Stop 8 – Billy’s Oak Acres BBQ ~ 😦 



Stop 9 – Riscky’s ~ Looks moist and it tastes great. 2nd best we have been able to try   (We’ve got a video from Risky’s!)


Stop 10 – Looks a bit dry, ok taste, the sausage and ribs looked amazing walking by. I would definitely come back to try the rest




Slovacek’s Kissing Pig Cafe ~ they had an amazing bakery, cafe, butcher shop and gift shop.  They are well known for their sausage; and while that was good… OMG the brisket was absolutely AMAZING! 

(heehee – look at Mic rockin’ his Humphrey’s Smokers shirt in Texas!) 

………………………… Slovacek’s was BY FAR the very best we had!


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