Ridgefield Gone Country BBQ

May 5th weekend – Ridgefield Gone Country BBQ – Ridgefield, CT
NEBS ~ We finished 3rd out of 13 teams – Burger 4th, Chef’s Choice 4th, Pizza 2nd, and Salmon 10th
KCBS ~ We finished 13th out of 38 teams – Chicken 12th, Ribs 26th, Pork 3rd, and Brisket 21st

This was our first competition of the season….  First time out with the new camper…. What a learning curve with having a new rig and trying to do both NEBS and KCBS! Not to mention the sites were definitely a challenge to maneuver into! (Thanks Bill Gillespie!) 

We had a pretty good showing for NEBS considering the Chef’s Choice entry was a disaster!   The “plan” was definitely something COMPLETELY different than what we turned in.  But overall it was a good weekend.  Little muddy…

We had some great neighbors on both sides – our friends “Fire Down Below”  and to the other side, some new friends “The Outlaw BBQ” ! We had a great location and the event was well run!

Ever had one of those days that everything you did put you behind? Yup, that was definitely Day 1!

Day 2 went a bit smoother but we’ve definitely got some work to do!

Oh, and absolutely NO pictures taken this weekend ~ this was the weekend we decided we need to purchase one of those

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