2016 Season

2016 BBQ Season Results!

April 16 ~ VFW Snow Shoe Grilling and BBQ Competition ~ categories are Pizza, Wrapped in Bacon, Hamburger & Chef’s Choice.  Results: 3rd place Pizza, 3rd place Wrapped in Bacon, 3rd place Hamburger, & 1st place Chef’s Choice ~ we did a dessert and it was scored a 180! Overall: Grand Champion and our great friends Smokin’ Bulldogs were Reserve Grand Champion!

May 12 ~ Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest ~ we’ll be joing The Bastey Boys and Mic will be entering his Mustard Sauce again this year!  Results: 2nd place Patio Ribs & 1st place Anything But Exotic – Mic & Cameron turned in a Lamb entry.

June 4 ~ Granite State BBQ Championship ~ this is a KCBS only event – no frills, low-key, in and out competition Results:  6th place Ribs, 1st place Pork for a 14th overall.  Our first KCBS solo of the year!

July 1 ~ I Love BBQ & Music Festival ~ We had a great, fun weekend! Not too much to talk about for awards ~ but having the opportunity to make new friends and hang out with Anissa & Carl made it all okay! Great fireworks and Mic & I had a wonderful weekend! Results: NEBS Grilling – 6th place of 18 teams overall; Sausage Fatty 4th place, Chicken 7th place; Pizza 8th place and Steak was 15th.  KCBS – they didn’t like us much… of 28 teams our Chicken was 13th and Brisket was 16th – we won’t talk about the others… 🙂

July 15 ~ 11th Annual Brookline NH Barbecue Tailgate & Grilling Cookoff ~ Laughs, laughs and more laughs! OMG! This was a weekend of hot hot weather, but we survived.  Results: NEBS Grilling ~ Pizza catastrophe was 7th place, Beef was 1st place, Mystery box was 5th place, and Dessert was 9th place ~ even with all our mishaps we finished Reserve Grand Champion! NEBS Tailgate ~ Chicken was 3rd place and Ribs were 11th place ~ giving us the result of Grand Champion! We were honored with the passing of the Brookline BBQ Champions FLAG. 

July 23 ~ Harpoon BBQ Competition – Well, we did vend… AND we competed in the NEBS Grilling Contest. Considering it was a very, very last minute decision; we were pretty happy with our results. Results:  Sausage was 4th, Chicken Wings 6th, Shrimp was 11th (if only we had actually done what we had planned but time got away from us) and Chef’s Choice was 9th ~ for an overall finish of 4th place! 

August 6 ~ Middleborough Krazy Days ~ So as usual we had a blast at our hometown NEBS Tailgate BBQ competition! Results: Our Chicken Wings and Ribs scored well enough to bring us a Reserve Grand Champion and the Grand Champion was a new, first-time team out of Sandwich MA! Congratulations C.O.S. BBQ! 

August 27 ~ Otter River BBQ Cookoff ~ Great one day event NEBS Tailgage EventResults: Our Chicken Wings placed 4th and our Ribs placed 6th.  Giving us an end result of Reserve Grand Champion! Congratulations to Smoke Master General on his Grand Champion call ~ another first-time competitior! 

October 7 ~ Riverside Blues, Brew & BBQ Festival ~ What a wonderful event in Greenfield MA.  Too bad the weather didn’t know that we preferred dry conditions. This 2-day event started with the NEBS Grilling we competed with some great teams! Results: Chicken Wings ~ 4th place, Wrapped in Bacon ~ 4th place, Steak Tips ~ 3rd place, and Dessert 4th place with a score of 180! Congrats to Smoke’Em if You Got’Em and Cider Boys BBQ for their perfect, perfect 180 scores and Boar-n-Q for their 3rd place 180 score! Our placement was consistent which brought us a final of Grand Champion for the day ~ congratulations to our friends Paddy McQ’s on Reserve Grand Champion! 

Day 2 was KCBS ~ and needless to say… we have a lot of work to do.  Our best call was 7th in Pork with our ending being in the middle of the pack at a place of 17th for the day.  Winter is going to bring some heavy practicing! 

And that wraps up our 2016 season, we had a blast and time to get things organized and thought out for 2017!  Thanks for a lot of laughs and lots of fun!