2017 Season

UPDATED: 1-9-18 Scores and changes in the schedule

(From January) Well, here it is………. the planning of the 2017 BBQ Season…..
We are definitely thinking we are going to do more comps this year (of course based on the good ole’ green) but haven’t finalized our list.  We definitely have our Priority A, B, and C comps – our priority criteria is probably different than that of other teams.  Our overall thought this year is less than a 6 hour drive via google maps. Of course that is “car” drive time and not “pulling a camper” drive time.
So, here is the plan…. and this WILL be adjusted throughout the season….    (if BOLD, it’s almost a 100%) 

May 5th weekend – Ridgefield Gone Country BBQ – Ridgefield, CT
NEBS ~ We finished 3rd out of 13 teams – Burger 4th, Chef’s Choice 4th, Pizza 2nd, and Salmon 10th
KCBS ~ We finished 13th out of 38 teams – Chicken 12th, Ribs 26th, Pork 3rd, and Brisket 21st

May 17th week – Memphis in May BBQ – Memphis, TN – Memphis BBQ – We had a BLAST!! We didn’t take on any categories on our own, just helped out with The Bastey Boys.

June 2nd weekend – Mohegan Sun BBQ – Uncasville, CT
KCBS ~ We finished 3rd out of 73 teams! Chicken 8th, Ribs 8th, Pork 9th, and Brisket 17th

June 10th weekend – Granite State BBQ Championship – Hancock, NH
KCBS ~ not sure what happened to us at this contest 😦 we finished 30th of 35 teams – Chicken 26th, Ribs 27th, Pork 27th, and Brisket 24th – at least we were consistent….

July 6th weekend – I Love BBQ & Music Festival – Lake Placid, NY
NEBS ~ We finished 4th out of 13 teams – Chicken wings 3rd, NY Strip Steak 5th, Pizza 9th, and Sausage Fatty 1st
KCBS ~ We finished 19th out of 40 teams – Chicken 32nd, Ribs 31st, Pork 19th, and Brisket 4th

July 15th weekend – Brookline BBQ & Grilling Cook-off – Brookline, NH
NEBS ~ 10th out of 19 teams – Pizza 17th, Beef 7th, Mystery 10th and Dessert 8th
Tailgate ~ 19th out of 24 teams – Chicken wings 14th and Ribs 22nd

July 29th weekend – Harpoon Brewery BBQ Festival – Windsor, VT
NEBS ~ 13th out of 24 teams – Chicken wings 22nd, Sausage 9th, Strip Steak 20th, & Chefs Choice 4th
KCBS ~ 22nd out of 30 teams – Chicken 21st, Ribs 30th, Pork 10th and Brisket 17th

August 5th weekend – Krazy Days – Middleboro, MA
Tailgate ~ 5th out of 11 teams – Chicken Wings 6th and Ribs 5th

August 26th – Kora Shriners Kare for Kids Ride-In & BBQ – Turner, ME
NEBS ~ Reserve Grand Champion ~ 2nd out of 8 teams – Chicken 2nd, Ribs 5th, Sausage 7th, and Chefs Choice 4th
People’s Choice ~ 1st

September 6th weekend – Apopka Summer BBQ – FLORIDA! Cancelled due to hurricane 😦

September 22nd weekend – Great Maine BBQ Challenge – Bangor, ME
NEBS  ~ Chicken Wings 3rd, Chili 17th, Mystery Meat 4th, Dessert 1st ~ 8th overall out of 17 teams
KCBS ~ Chicken 16th, Ribs 12th, Pork 11th, Brisket 9th – 11th overall out of 29 teams

October 6th weekend – Riverside Blues, Brews & BBQ – Greenfield, MA
NEBS ~ Bacon Wrapped 8th, Chicken Wings 2nd, Steak Tips 5th, Dessert 8th – 3rd overall out of 13 teams
KCBS ~ Chicken 2nd, Ribs 23rd, Pork 8th, Brisket 20th – 14th overall out of 25 teams

October 20th weekend – Ocean State BBQ Championship – W Kingston, RI
KCBS ~ Chicken 5th, Ribs 21st, Pork 17th, Brisket 10th – 16th overall out of 24 teams

So to wrap up 2107 ~ we traveled to 12 competitions; one was more visiting and socializing. If you break down the individual days, we competed in 17 contest days plus some People’s Choice.

NEBS Team of Year Awards ~ Ken Dakai Cup 2nd overall, and for TOY Classic we finished Chicken 9th, Ribs 16th, Pork 10th, and Brisket 12th which put us at 14th overall out of 28 teams!

On to 2018!!