About Us

Mic and I met via what he will tell you was a “wrong number” telephone call.

Click on the COALS to go to our PINTEREST page!

Click on the COALS to go to our PINTEREST page!

This New England girl working at a fast paced city hotel trying to get her work done; reaching out to the Help Desk of the parent corporation – located in the South….. the slow, steady “we’re fixin’ ta” South; Memphis area.

I will “fast pace – or New England” the story along, we met, got married and bought a house.  Mic told me he wanted to make pulled pork. OKAY, sounds interesting… we got the shoulder, put it on the grill that we had, put a pan of water in the grill, put some wood chips in and he turned on the flame – yup – it was gas.  But he put the shoulder on the side that didn’t have the flame – I didn’t get it.  However, I let him do his thing.

Later that day, I asked him what time dinner was going to be; he said something to the effect of “when you get something cooked and on the table”.  I was confused; “What about the meat you have on the grill?” He laughed.  Said that wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow.  TOMORROW???  Oh, this so isn’t worth it. He laughed and said “wait”.

So I went shopping but with a list a mile long.  Came home with all the ingredients to make my Mom’s Cole Slaw and all the stuff he wanted PLUS food for dinner.  I asked what all the ingredients were for, he proclaimed we were going to make BBQ Sauce. “Make it?  Why didn’t you just have me buy some? They sell that, you know!”  Nope, he made BBQ Sauce.

Now finally it’s the next day, cole slaw is made, BBQ sauce is made, rolls are purchased…. and the meat is ready to come off the “make-shift” smoker.   After letting it rest and pulling the meat and all that, he then told me to get a roll, the cole slaw and the sauce… he made a sandwich – wait, he just put cole slaw ON my sandwich! EWWWW….

Just try it, he says… If you don’t like it, we will never do this again.

And here we are, competing in BBQ Competitions IN New England!

Yup, New Englander’s do know something about BBQ, who knew? Don’t believe us, go ahead, ask some of our friends.  Check out the New England Barbecue Society.

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