Our Sponsors and Equipment

When we won this KettlePizza kit we never thought we’d love it as much as we kettle pizzado! Our KettlePizza has wowed so many and it’s now the “will you bring to Pizza to our party?” question we get. If you love pizza, it’s the way to go!  And did we mention, they are proudly “MADE IN THE USA”!  Visit them at KettlePizza.  And if you found them from here – use code “booboo15” for a special discount!  If you want more information about the KettlePizza, please contact us and we will help you through your questions.  They also have some other great products, check out the Smokenator Kits!



The newest addition to our team ~ we won’t leave home without it ~ is the Flame Boss.  Right from their site “Consider it cruise control for your smoker. It ramps up the heat. It lowers the heat. All you have to do is light the fire and set the control. No instructions necessary… but they’re included just in case. Flame Boss takes it from there, keeping consistent, smoky goodness where it belongs – encircling your meat, poultry and fish.” And they aren’t kidding! AND the best part? They don’t mind the rain!! We have some great stories about their UNBELIEVABLE customer service too, stop by and ask! Want more information? Visit them at Flame Boss – tell them Boo Boo Qued sent you! If you want to see the Flame Boss 300 in action, stop by our site anytime.



We highly recommend Humphreys Smokers – we trust this to our ribs, pork, and brisket! Make your own bacon, smoke that turkey, chicken, sausage… and more.
Chad & Nicole are available to help you pick out the right size smoker for your needs.
Visit their website! Humphreys BBQ  Do we love our Humphreys? I’d say YUP, stop by to meet the “twins” !

  We’ve got a new addition to the family…..   introducing our Traeger Grill!  We bought the Traeger at the Big E in Springfield in September 2017 after spending a good hour talking with Marc Terry.  Now, we had been familiar with Traeger before this (thanks Danielle) and Marc was a great representative! We used the grill for competitions in October – two comps for the end of our season and we placed 2nd in chicken at the first one and 5th in chicken the second! Looking forward to a full season in 2018 with our Traeger by our side!

Another essential when you are out competing in the crazy outdoors – cutting boards.  We’ve tried the “real” ones – but seriously, how many can you bring and how the heck do you really wash and sanitize them? We tried the disposable cardboard type ones and yes, they worked, but then we ventured off and tried….. Stark Cutting Boards – disposable, comes on a dispenser (if you choose that) ! That’s the ticket – we love these! Come by the site, we will give you one or two to try! Definitely our choice for competition!

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